RV Salvaging

Anybody that has seen anything about us on Facebook has been tuned in for our latest adventure...finding replacement parts for our RV!  Our axle broke over a week ago and it’s taken us this long to locate parts that would work.  

We are headed to a little known town in Alabama to pick up the entire rear end to bring back to Florida where the RV broke down.  We found one in a Salvage yard where you go in and pull the part off an old vehicle.  We will have to pay to get that done.

To someone looking at that old RV may see it as useless, but to us it’s an answer to prayer.  It just hit me that there are a lot of us that don’t look like we’d amount to anything, but God sees value deep inside us.  He’s so willing to pick us up off the scrap heap, graft us into the body of Christ, and utilize us to our full potential.  Until we are connected to that body, we will continue to go through life just decaying from the elements of the cares of life beating on us everyday.

Surrender completely to God today and allow him to use you for your kingdom purpose!

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