Follow His Lead

Psalms 23:2-3a “He lets me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still and quiet waters. He refreshes and restores my soul (life); He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”‭‭PSALM‬ ‭23:2-3‬ ‭AMP‬‬


You know as well as I do that doing the work of the ministry is, well, hard work.  But there is something very rewarding about laying down to sleep at the end of a very productive day!  Sometimes it almost feels like we won’t be able to carry out what is before us, but when we tap into God he fulfills his promise to us that we “can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!”


But we do come to a time when God’s strength has accomplished His purpose and we then suddenly feel drained.  I came to such a point a few years back.  I was singing with another gospel group, doing a long-term revival with Evangelist Robert Newton, an occasional meeting or two with Donna Schambach and holding my own meetings also.  I didn’t mention trying to do recordings for myself and other people in between that, besides the everyday necessities like laundry and such.  As they say, I was meeting myself coming and going!

During this time, I remember Pastor Paul Greer giving me a word of wisdom.  He said, “You need to take some time to rest!  Even Jesus pulled away from the multitude from time to time!”

Wow!  What a 💡 lightbulb moment!!  I always thought I had to be like an athlete and leave it all out there on the field, and when I was totally used up like an empty tube of toothpaste I would hear the Lord say “well done my good and faithful servant!”  But No, it was actually part of His plan for me to rest!


It wasn’t long after then that I specifically just called and asked to have a day off for rest.  My Goodness!  What a difference!  I felt like I could take on any challenge instead of not being able to deal with the day to day’s!  Both my attitude and my outlook changed for the better!

“He leads me beside the still and quiet waters...”.  God will actually direct you to times of quietness and rest!  Imagine that!  My experience is that then he is able to speak privately with us and reveal more of his plan and his will to us.  We are also energized to do his plan and will after we have rested this mortal body!

Allow God to bring you to that place of rest and peace today!  Allow him to speak to your spirit and show you His marvelous mysteries!

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