Do You Need A Clean Sweep?

I have found that if I don't constantly search my soul, the cares of life can clutter it up rather quickly.

You may be thinking, "What's wrong with a little clutter?  It's just my stuff.  It's not hurting anybody when it's tucked away back where nobody can see it!"

Just to be clear, we ARE talking about the clutter in our souls!  😊 But anyone that has had any degree of clutter in their homes can testify that it's sometimes connected to our clutter in our souls.

Lite Clutter

At this stage the cares of life are accumulating but we can still function fairly normally.  When the pressure is on in our life then we tend to begin to notice things being more difficult for us than everyone else.  We are so used to the clutter that we have almost become unaware that it's causing us to struggle to do things that normally shouldn't be that big of an effort.  We wonder why we are on edge and having a hard time with these simple things.

Medium Clutter

I'd say that most of us get to this stage because we over-commit our time to other things instead of caring for our souls.

At this stage we may be seeing that our Clutter is becoming visible to the people around us.  It's getting harder to conceal because of the sheer volume of it.  We begin to expel a lot more energy to just function normally and we become less dependable to other people.  We are caught up in a whirlwind of drama because we are becoming less able to deal with any confrontation or criticism.


This stage is the "Code Red" stage of Soul-Clutter.  We have allowed the condition of our soul to get to such a deplorable state that it has become dysfunctional.  Our soul has literally become a health hazard!  There are parts of us that are dying because they are so buried beneath so many other things that we can't identify where the problem is exactly.  Anybody near us is affected by us because our Soul-clutter is now spilling out in every area of our lives.  Our family, job, friends & future is affected by it.  

Now we are emotionally attached to our Clutter.  Please note that this is the plan of the enemy.  If he can't have us, he doesn't want us to have all that God wants for us!  He doesn't want us to know freedom,so he does his best to persuade us that we need this prison that we've made for ourselves.  That should make you 😡 mad!  Are you ready to do something about this Clutter?

From our devotions this morning: "When it comes to evaluating our souls, I find that a lot of people get uncomfortable. They feel awkward and anxious when faced with authentic introspection. Opening up to themselves or others about what is out of alignment on the inside can sound terrifying. So they avoid soul-searching at any cost—From the book, How's Your Soul? By Judah Smith" Freedom is Beautiful!

Not long ago, Jeff & I got into a prayer session where God began to reveal some Clutter in our souls.  Things like unforgiveness, bitterness, and sometimes hate had clogged up our lives unknowingly.  As these thing came forth and we gave them to God, we literally could feel the chains break off.   Jeff describes it like when he was in football and they made him run around with a parachute on his back.  But when they took it off, he felt so light and could run so fast!  Not only that, but the pain that Jeff had in his joints left too!

Clean Sweep

If things have gotten to the point where you need help sorting through the clutter of your soul, don't be afraid to ask for professional help.  Pray and ask God to direct you to resources that will help you sort through the layers of build up.

Start with the Holy Spirit

Ask for the Holy Spirit's help with each thing that he highlights to you.  He wants to help you!  He's been waiting for you to admit that you need his help.  Not asking for the Holy Spirit to help us is how we got into this mess in the first place!

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Before you know it you will be feeling so light just like Jeff without the parachute!  You may even receive the healing that you so desperately need.  Don't put it off!  Call on him now!  It's time for a Clean Sweep!

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