Jeff & April:  A Ministry Story

Somewhere around 1989, Jeff Davis and April Nye had been singing with their respective gospel groups, and found themselves at the same concert appointment in Spindale, NC. They met and then went their separate ways, both forging their own paths through life and music ministry.

During that time Jeff served tenures as a music minister at a few churches, served with several popular gospel groups, and even turned down an opportunity to be part of the iconic group we now know as the Statesmen Quartet.

April served her family group, The Nyes, while she became a chart topping song writer.  She came alongside several churches and aided their music ministry in one capacity or another.  April has lead worship alongside many anointed evangelists including the late R.W. Schambach.

Jeff and April both had anointed ministries independent of one another, but God chose to unite them together to form one powerful ministry couple. Since their marriage in 2016, they have seamlessly flowed together like they had been ministering together all of their lives. Besides their amazing musical gifts, the spiritual gifts also flow through both Jeff & April and minister to young and old alike.

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